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Flat on the floor looking back on old love

...or lack thereof

miss ♥ beth
19 January
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Beth is a girl who writes too much in her journal; She write too much about nothing that anybody cares about. She hates problems, she loves life. she likes to love and be loved, little kisses on her anywhere always make her smile, a warm hug can brighten up her day. She likes things simple and noncomplicated. Things are always better when you look ont he bright side of them. She tries to be nice to everyone, and give everyone a chance, she's a loayal friend, doesn't lie (hates dishonesty), is drug free, kind of easy to get along with, always willing to listen, and easy to love. She's too sensitve, takes everything to heart, gets hurt and stepped on too easily, hurts and steps on others too easily, gets aggrivated over dumb little things, can't stand too be wrong.. She can play the clarinet, run real fast on cue, keep good grades (excpet for history), can (but doesn't any more) play field hockey, type real fast, draw (but not color OR paint), design graphics and design web pages (sort of). Her strengths are her speed (becuase she's a whimp otherwise), and oh the power of the (dundundun) super whine! (lol).

Track, xc, band, clarinet, music, art, hiking/camping, being outdoors (in the woods NOT the city >.<), the first snow, the first 60 degree day of the new year, hampsters, Guster, brand new Dell computers and her messy room. (more under interests)

are_you_cute, trackandfield, bandgeeks, vfont and vfont.

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4x800, 6 packs, 800 meter run, a teens, abba, about a boy, ahhh real monsters, angry beavers, art, astrology, backgrounds, bagels, band, ben folds five, black, blue, boo, boyfriends, boys, bus rides, cartoons, cheating the course, cheese nips, chicago, chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, christmas, clarinet, coheed and cambria, computers, cross country courses, cross country running, dashboard confessional, dib, dib's head, dirty dancing, distance running, doom, dorie, drama, drawing, enslaving the human race, fairly odd parents, ferris bueller's day off, field hockey, finding nemo, flats, food, friends, garden state, gaz, getting lapped, gir, gir dog, graphic design, guster, guys, ham hams, hampsters, hamtaro, high jump, horny toad, ice age, icons, indoor track, invader zim, jason mraz, jet, jogging, kisses, labyrinth, lewiston, lilo and stitch, linkin park, lion king, lotr, lyrics, madness dog, maine, maroon 5, me, meets, middle distance running, mimi, missy eliot, monsters inc, moose, movies, ms.bitters, msn, music, napoleon dynamite, nemo, no doubt, oasis, parties, peepi, peter pan, photography, piggies, pink, pirates of the caribbean, pole vault, pottery, presents, puddle of mudd, purple, pustulio, puzzles, racing, red sox, relays, rockos modern life, rocky horror picture show, roos, runners, running, running in the rain, samantha mumba, she will be loved, shoes, sleep, sneakers, spikes, spongebob, stars, strawberries, system of a down, the guardian, the notebook, the producers, the tallest, thrift stores, track, track and field, ub, vin diesal, web page design, world domination, xc, xc boys, xc girls, zim, , ,